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A Bit of Background

Welcome to FIRST Team 1023, Bedford Express!


        We are FIRST Robotics team 1023, Bedford Express, and we are delightfully competing in our 17th year in the FRC program. Each year we get a new challenge and through the years there have been a variety of themes. In 2019, our challenge is called FIRST Destination: Deep Space. This year is all about space. For the first year in FRC, the competition has no autonomous period, but a sandstorm period, where drivers cannot see the game field for the first 15 seconds. During the sandstorm period, teams will have to make their way through the field using an onboard camera or pre-programmed instructions. After the sandstorm,  vision is recovered and the team collect cargo and install hatch panels on the rockets and cargo ships before returning to their habitats.       


We've been competing as an FRC team since 2003, and we have accomplished much in this time. In our first year, we won the Rookie All-Star award which honors a rookie team on outstanding work outside of the robot's competition. A noticeable award we won is the Engineering Excellence Award.  In 2011, we won our first Chairman's Award, which displayed the outstanding community outreach and service we have completed. In 2014, we won two District Competitions along with our fourth Chairman's Award. The following year, 2015, we won a district Chairman's Award, 3 district events, the Michigan State Championship and the Archimedes Division at worlds, which is a grand accomplishment not done by many other teams.


These accomplishments could not have been possible without the help of our mentors, coaches, alumni and of course our wonderful sponsors! We will continue to grow and succeed in competitions thanks to the help of these wonderful people.
Our team is open to all Bedford High School students! 


If you would like to contact our coach, you can reach him at 1023coachbedfordexpress@gmail.com

If you have any questions or concerns about the team he will be able to answer them.

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Our Sponsors

This team is brought to you by our amazing sponsors. Please support them!

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Team Outreach

Making a Difference

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